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John King Profile

John King Profile

       Born and raised in Habersham County, Georgia, 85 miles North East of Atlanta. John found his passion in music at an early age signing at Church. Now living in Music City releasing his new Single "Try Saying Goodbye" that has been featured in the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spotify, Apple Music and more. 

       John discuses the road he has traveled to get to where he is today, his loyal fanbase, and the importance of being true to himself. 

Why Nashville?

"It's the home of Country music! I grew up a fan and am honored to be here chasing my dream as an artist." 

Favorite thing to do in Nashville? 

"Playing or going to The Opry. It's the Mother Church of Country Music and just has an amazing atmosphere that cannot be described." 

When did you decide music would be your career choice? 

"I've known I'd be an artist since I was 12 years old. I started singing in church and always had a passion for it."

Favorite part of your occupation?

"THE PEOPLE!! There's nothing better in the world than Country Music Fans. They are the most loyal, loving fanbase. I'm honored to call them my friends and family." 

Advice you have for someone following in your footsteps?

"Be willing to work harder than everyone else. Do the things nobody else will do. The road to chasing your dream is paved with a lot of "things that aren't fun" but usually those are the things that get you where you're trying to go." 

Favorite city that you have visited on the road and what about it makes it special to you?

"San Diego!! The weather is just amazing and I love the ocean.. wish I was there now haha."

What is your most memorable Team Summer memory?

"Growing up my Dad pretty music raised us camping. We spent every summer on Lake Hartwell. It was there I learned to fish, ski and just have a general love for all things outdoors." 

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What are you currently working on and have planned for the year ahead? 

"We just released a single called 'Try Saying Goodbye' and I've been absolutely blown away with the response from fans and industry alike. It was featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spotify, Apple Music and others. Really excited about the song!"

What part of your JOURNEY gives you daily purpose? 

"My Family. Everything I do is for them. I'm beyond Blessed to have my girls. They give me a desire and drive like nothing else in my life."

How do you approach taking a RISK to elevate your career and yourself as a person? 

"I've learned to be comfortable with who I am, what I want to say and be as an artist. That makes taking a risk much easier. As long as it's something I feel is a true reflection of who I am and what I stand for, I'm never afraid to take chances. Pushing the envelope is the only real way to know what you're capable of." 

What does the word TRUE mean to you and how does it impact your life?

"True to me means living life without fear. Holding nothing back. Never being afraid to be honest and upfront about who you are." 

We appreciate you taking the time to view this article. Every Wednesday morning we  release a  new blog, highlighting individuals that are connected to the Nashville Community. In addition to we release articles that are connected with Tomahawk Charitable Solutions. Providing  information regarding the Foundations that they support and personal stories from individuals directly involved with TCS. 

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