Who We Are


Journey Risk True

Journey Risk True was created to build a community of individuals striving towards causes and dreams they solely believed in. To capture the highest level of accomplishment and to continue raising the bar for their peers. While setting a positive example for the community that look up to them.

As former and current athletes we share an interest in music and supporting SOF, military and law enforcement communities and their families. Our mission was to connect the multiple professions at respectively different degrees. To create one badass community.  

Now 2 years later the staples of our brand have gone farther than connections. It has created lasting friendships and has helped generate creativity in ideas to help grow together in all aspects. As we continue to help each other elevate to new levels in our different careers. 

Take a look around our site and let us know what you think. If you have any questions please email jrt@journeyrisktrue.com

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Tomahawk Charitable Solutions

Tomahawk Charitable Solutions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the immediate and ongoing needs for the Special Operations Forces, Military and Law Enforcement communities including their families. The foundation was established in 2017 in Nashville, TN. Their focus on the Military and Law Enforcement communities is to provide financial assistance for urgent and ongoing needs. Additionally, they focus on supporting families during and after the fight.

TCS has an annually benefit with 350 people on average in attendance in Nashville, TN. In their first two years TCS generated more than $850,000. This past month of November, in their third year as a foundation TCS raised over $1,200,000 in one night.

Journey Risk True Supports Tomahawk Charitable Solutions with creating and donating custom made partnership apparel and merchandise. All funds from every JRT and TCS partnership product sold go back to TCS to continue to fund and support their mission.

Social Media: @tomahawkcharitable

Supporting Songwriters


Songwriters devotion to their craft and their belief in obtaining success with hard work represents what Journey Risk True's core values are as a lifestyle brand.


At Journey Risk True we support Songwriters in their quest to accomplish and maintain their dream. Journey Risk True gives each one of our songwriter ambassadors an outlet to promote who they are and showcase their music and spread their brand through creating their custom apparel.

Summer Collection

With hard work comes great reward. We created The Team Summer Collection to cherish and live out those experiences that transition into lasting memories. The long road trips with our closest friends. The family vacations that we cherish more with age. All of the positive moments that we create. Then it's back to the grind.