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all in all the time

All In All The Time Foundation Profile

       After the loss of SOCS Tom Valentine, Navy SEAL (KIT) in 2008, Christina, Tom's wife wanted to continue her service to the Naval Special Warfare community that was so important to them both. Tom and Christina, together, believed in supporting the families in their community that gave the ultimate sacrifice. After Tom's death, her family and friends helped start the Foundation.

       Their first mission was to help pay off Patty Roberts home. Patty lost her husband Neil Roberts in 2002 in Afghanistan in the battle now known as Roberts Ridge. Starting a small organization during her own walk with grief has its challenges, but Christina charged on.

       With the fantastic support of the Special Operations Community, Christina was able to meet her goal of paying off and completing some much need maintenance on the Roberts home. After the goal was reached, the community saw causality after causality and the need for the organization grew.

Special Operations Chief Senior Tom Valentine - Navy SEAL

Values & Mission

"We at All In All The Time pride ourselves on being a small grassroots organization. We keep our mission focused on a need basis. By leaving our giving spectrum broad, we can provide as much support to our countries first line of defense and their families. We are a direct support link to a Fallen SEALs family."

What does "All In, All The Time" mean and where did it come from?

"All In, All The Time was a phrase that Tom would use in his professional and personal life. When Tom would get ready to leave on deployment or trip he would ask Christina 'All IN?' her response would be 'All The Time'. This was the motto he lived by. He offered up this same question to his men before every mission, he got only one answer. Tom lived and breathed this motto."

How does AIATT support and honor the Naval Special Warfare community?

"The need of our community varies. We do direct family support meaning at the time of a casualty we specifically work to raise funds for the family. 100% of those donations go straight to the family." 

Christina understands all too well the financial burden that comes with a loss. AIATT strives to reduce that burden. AIATT has had the honor through the years of paying off homes, paying for flood insurance, providing help with home maintenance, legal and estate services as well as helping with memorial events. 

"We also focus on our GOLDSTAR kids providing opportunities for them to explore their passions and pursue their goals. Our most significant accomplishment is being able to grant over 1.5 million dollars to families that have lost a loved one."

How does AIATT raise funds for those that they support?

"Over the past 11 years, we have been so blessed through many different fundraising opportunities. We have a few local fundraisers every year that are crowd favorites. Over the past three years we have branched out of Virginia Beach and have been able to spread the word about our mission in other states. We have been successful in Idaho, Nashville, and California. Our partnership with Tomahawk Charitable Solutions has helped to create growth and awareness in our network of people that may have never known what AIATT has been doing for these past eleven years."

Who is Tom Valentine?

"Tom was born in International Falls, MN and raised in Ham Lake, MN. He joined the U.S. Navy on 10 August 1989. He graduated BUDS Class 169 on 26 January 1990. He achieved the rank of Senior Chief and held the position of Troop chief one of the most coveted positions within the SEAL Teams. He was determined and brave, thoughtful and kind, gentle and strong, loyal and fierce, he was loved beyond measure and gave his love back ten thousand-fold. Tom was a Pirate, a Patriot, and a Father." 

What made him so special and memorable?

"There was only one Tommy V as he was affectionately called in the Teams. Tom was an elite warrior who lived his life in accordance with the Special Operator’s code, which all SEALs strive to attain. Tom was fiercely loyal to his Country, his team and his teammates; he served with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield; he stood ready to lead, ready to follow, and he never quit; he always took responsibility for his actions and those of his teammates; he excelled as a warrior through discipline and innovation; and he trained for war and fought to win at all costs against our nation’s enemies. Tom received a Silver Star for his contribution on the War of Terrorism."

Do you think Tom's memory has had a lasting effect on others? 

"Just reread the section “What made him so special/memorable” and you will see why he is regarded as one of the finest SEALs in the community. Then add to that his awesome personality and his impeccable work ethic. The imprint Tom left on the community still exists to this day. He was truly an exceptional warrior and human being. His contributions to NSW are before etched in the halls and the Team Rooms of the commands he served."

If Tom was still with us, what do you think he would say about AIATT and everything that you all have done for those in the Naval Special Warfare Community?

"Tom would say that I fulfilled the promise he and I made to Neil before he deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. Tom and I promised to take care of Patty and Nathan. After Tom’s passing that promise did not change. AIATT is a byproduct of a personal and private moment shared amongst friends. Tom would tell me that I’ve have honored his name and sacrifice. He’d tell me he was proud of me and that I am one of the few that truly understands his mantra, 'All In, All The Time' This is not a temporary idea it remains a way of life for the Valentine family and is the bedrock from which AIATT was formed. Tom would also be proud of how resilient his two kids are and their involvement in AIATT."

What are you are currently working on and have planned for 2019? 

"We are excited for our new website which will launch in April of this year. Being such a small organization, we have always depended on volunteers for many of our overhead costs and projects so the money we raise can be used to go directly to our families."


May 11th Wings for Warriors, Virginia Beach, VA

May 22nd Gelande Quaffing at SOFIC, Tampa, FL

July 20th Oozeball Tournament, Virginia Beach, VA

October TBA Baseball Clinic at Duke University

November 7th Tommy V Revelry New Orleans, LA

November 19th Nashville, TN - Tomahawk Charitable Solutions 

What is the ultimate goal for AIATT as a Foundation?

"Our goal is to exist as long as there is a need. We would hope and pray that we are not needed but, we stand ready to serve those that are the first out the door. The first into the fight. Their families deserve nothing but our devotion to them and their wellbeing."

What is a special moment that AIATT has been a part of?

"By far one of the best moments was in 2015 when AIATT received the Hillier Ignite Warrior for Warriors Award from Luke Hillier of ADS Inc. To be recognized by an industry leader for our grassroots efforts was amazing. There are so many big non-profits out there and they get a lot of attention and draw big donors. AIATT is small, nimble, and we find that through our efforts we can be as supportive."

If AIATT could tell others one thing about the Naval Special Warfare community or those in the Military, what would it be?

"AIATT The NSW community is one of the most resilient groups of people that I have ever met. We are set apart but quietly folded into our small towns. Most of the people you may encounter from our community are quiet and humble. Their families are strong. Most of the children that are a part of this community have known nothing but war. Dads gone more often than not or never having them come home at all. All In, All The Time is the example of the support that we as a community provide to each other. We hold each other up in the best and the worst of times. Together we can weather any storm that comes our way. We stand ready to provide the large needs or just hold a hand. This is what makes us who we are. We are 'All In, All The Time'."

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We appreciate you taking the time to view this article. Every Sunday morning we release an article, highlighting individuals that are connected to the Nashville Community. In addition to we release articles that are connected with Tomahawk Charitable Solutions. With information on the Foundations that they support and personal stories from individuals directly involved with TCS. 

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