One More Wave Profile

       One More Wave was founded in 2015 by Alex West, retired Navy SEAL. One More Wave's mission is to provide custom surfing solutions with functionality that can’t be found anywhere else. To enable and encourage surf therapy to Veterans. 

       "When we talk about surf therapy, we want Veterans actually out in the water, there is always one more wave." One More Wave raises their funds through their website, collaborations, and local events.

Instagram: 1mwave

What impact does surfing have on Veterans? 

"When you are out in the ocean and riding waves everything you might be worried about washes away. impactful is the comradery of getting in the water and surfing with other Vets who may have the same experiences."

What is the process for OMW in regards to choosing a Veteran to work with? 

"Veterans apply via our website, are vetted by our staff, then move forward with the design of the particular piece of equipment based on the needs and skill level of the Vet. Each vet has complete say in the artistic design of his or her artwork and color."

What you are currently working on or have planned for 2019?

"We are making more boards this year than last year, opening of applications, collaborations with various companies for fundraising."

Founder Alex West - Retired Navy SEAL

CEO Kyle Buckett - Active Duty Navy SEAL

COO Rob Garnett - Retired Navy SEAL

What is the ultimate goal for OMW for the years to come as a Foundation? 

"To grow and be able to provide custom surfing solutions for more wounded or disabled Veterans to support surf therapy."

What is one of the major highlights that OMW has been a part of? 

"Each and every board delivery or presentation is life-changing. To see the riders’ design come together, each being unique with their own personal story weaved into the story of the board, letting them get on the water to join this community of Veterans is truly the best part of the Foundation."

If One More Wave could tell others one thing about the Veteran community or those in the Military, what would it be? 

"No two military experiences are the same and not every wound or disability is visible."

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