The Team Summer Collection


       It is these moments that define our memories. At times we are so strongly connected with pursuing our dreams, that we forget to take a step back and look around to replenish ourselves. Look around - Look at the beauty in our backyards. Cherish the relationships that we keep so close. Appreciate the freedom in our country and the opportunities that present themselves to allow you to continue progressing your life; writing your story. 

        It is these times that we eventually grow out of. As we age we generate new chapters to our lives, new beginnings and new opportunities that take us to unfamiliar places. We gain and lose relationships and we create new families.

         It is these times that we remember. The euphoria beaming throughout our body and the people that we shared this point in time with. It is these times that nor the past nor the future exist. For these times you are in the moment.




Video created by Jacob Crawford

At age 21, Jacob is a highly artistic driven videographer raised in our hometown, Port Moody, British Columbia Canada.

“Not here to be alive, but to be living” 


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  • Jessica

    Great post..chills! #teamsummer

  • Jessica Licup

    Favorite summer vacation spot is the beach. Anytime you can get away from work and home to just enjoy being with family and or friends is always a great time.

  • Laura

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