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       SOC-F was established in 2013 for one purpose: to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of SOF families who have given so much for our country and our freedom. SOC-F does this by raising money for one incredibly worthwhile purpose: to provide medical, financial, and other support to SOF members and their families in ways that are often not met through other sources–what we call the “gaps.” Hence our Mission Statement, respectfully adopted from President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address in 1865: “…to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan….”

SOC-F values/mission

"SOC-F is a VOLUNTEER run, 501(c)3. We support the SOF community; focusing on the gaps in Healthcare, Family, Emergent Needs, and Education."

What does “SOC-F” mean and where did it come from? 

"SOC-F = Special Operations Care Fund. Everything in the Military has an acronym, so we chose SOC-F as the “DBA”."

How does SOC-F support and honor the Special Operations Forces community?

"We “Fill in the Gaps” of coverage for this community, where Tri-Care, the VA, or other private sources don’t operate. We focus our giving on helping to HEAL THE FAMILY via Gold Star Kids camp and Family therapeutic camps, as well as Marriage counseling for those at risk of dissolving. HEAL THE SOF MEMBER who has Traumatic Brain Injury and require treatments not covered by insurance, and treatment for addition & alcoholism, and lastly step up to provide critical financial support in times of catastrophic need."

How does SOC-F raise funds for those that they support? 

"We run the Sporting Clays Invitational every spring, run some smaller events in Atlanta, and have been fortunate to work with Tomahawk & The Chicago Charity clays."

Who is Bret Shadle/Shady?

"Brett is a SEAL who we knew and perished in a training accident in 2013."

What made him so special and memorable? 

"Brett was quiet, soft spoken, and humble. He had a dry wit that came alive when he engaged you or a group. Brett has 2 young children and a grieving wife and it was hard to think that those kids would be raised without him."

Do you think Shady’s memory has had a lasting effect on others? 

"Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Brett’s passing created SOC-F, which has now raised and granted over 4 million dollars in 5 years. Out of tragedy, some good has occurred."


If Shady was still with us, what do you think he would say about SOC-F and everything that you all have done for those in the Special Operations Forces Community? 

"We hope that he would be proud of it, and think he would be a supporter of it!"

What is one of the most memorable or special moments that SOC-F has been a part of? 

"Arranging a medical transport flight for a little girl whose dad is in USASOC. The clock was ticking on her life, Tri-Care was dragging their feet, so we charted a plane and got her the help she needed at a Specialty hospital."

What you are currently working on or have planned for 2019? Any announcements and events? 

"We are working to create a Family Camp that addresses a need in between the Gold Star Camp and the Marriage intensives. Something for the whole family to connect and grow together. So often, the family gets used to Dad being gone 250 nights a year, and bringing him back into the daily operation can throw some significant friction in the relationships. This will be for 2020. Event is the Chicago Charity Clays 10/19."


What is the ultimate goal for SOC-F for the years to come as a Foundation? 

"It is not our goal to become a foundation. There are so many immediate needs that require funding. Owning cash and peeling off a percentage every year, is not our goal. We want our resources being used to help SOF now."

If SOC-F could tell others one thing about the Special Operations Forces community or those in the military, what would it be? 

"SOF makes up approximately 3.5% of the entire US Military. However, they are tasked with carrying out the lion share of planned and temporary deployments. They have a disproportionate number of deaths, injuries, divorces, & suicides. This reality is why SOC-F exists. Your support is crucial to helping heal those bodies, minds, and marriages."

In Partnership with Tomahawk Charitable Solutions

Interview Questions by Daysha McGrath - Managing Director Tomahawk Charitable Solutions

Thank you for viewing this article. Every week we release a new blog, highlighting individuals that are connected to the Nashville Community. In addition to we release articles that are connected with Tomahawk Charitable Solutions. Providing  information regarding the Foundations that they support and personal stories from individuals directly involved with TCS. 

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