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Journey risk true

Stand for what you believe in.

Take calculated risk to enhance your life.

Stay true to you and your loved ones.

Be relentless and never give in.

Contest, Sale, New Products.....

Contest, Sale, New Products.....

Journey Risk True

What better way to make an announcement than to reward our community with a little something extra! Each purchase across North America over this Weekend until Monday evening 11/26/18 will receive an autographed picture from Ryan.

Most exciting….

IF YOU LIVE IN NASHVILLE, each purchase made will automatically be entered for a chance to win 2 tickets to an upcoming Nashville Predators game at Bridgestone Arena. It does not stop there… The winner will also receive an autographed stick by the entire Predators team from Ryan after the game.

We are also giving 50% off on our hats with the purchase of a new shirt or sweater.

Click here to SHOP ALL

We are excited to announce the release of our Journey Risk True Line. Over the past year we have brought to you our Team Summer Collection that helped us grow in an industry that was very new to us. Because of your countless support we have expanded on our product line, adding 2 new shirts and a sweater that have been released in the past week. We are very excited and proud.

Our focus with our Journey Risk True line in its beginning stages is to push it out to as many supporters as possible. People that strongly connect with our brand and its values. We all have a story, and each one of us has created our own, but we all share the same identity; chasing a dream. A dream that we will sacrifice for. A dream that involves surrounding yourself with those that you trust.

Wear your identity with Journey Risk True.

We have a vision that we are excited for in the near future with many influencers that believe in us, along with you and the community that we have built naturally over the past year. Thank you so much for your continued support. We began this between a childhood friend group that has escalated into a community across North America, parts of Europe and Asia. Printing shipping labels in every state and province has been an extremely humbling experience on its own.

We will continue creating trusted comfortable products. Continue pursing our trusted values and continue to support those in need.  tomahawkcharitable

As we continue pushing products out, continue growing our community, just remember that it is because of you that we have this opportunity. It is because of you that supported us from our beginning that has helped build us into what we are and what we will continue to strive towards.

From the Team at Journey Risk True Lifestyle and Apparel

Thank you

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