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The Team Summer Collection Origin

The Team Summer Collection Origin


   Summer is the most exciting time of the year for many. Whether attending school or playing sports in different cities, it's a time to come home and reconnect with your closest friends and family. It's a time for creating some of the most memorable times throughout the year.  

     The idea of Team Summer originated back when we played for the Portland Winterhawks in the Western Hockey League. Two eighteen year old kids at the time from Vancouver, British Columbia playing in America, chasing a dream that we had from the time we began to walk - playing in the National Hockey League. It was here, in Portland, where we had two teammates that began the Team Summer mentality.  

     As soon as the weather turned from the Portland rain to warmer days filled with sun, the two roommates would show up to the rink in basketball jerseys and backwards snapback hats. They called this Team Summer. The majority of our team then adopted this mentality in which we carried with us to the 2010-11 WHL championship final.  

     Once the season was said and done, we packed up our cars and began the commute back to our hometowns. During this time, we would connect with our friends and family, creating summer memories, preparing for the upcoming season. It was only a few short lived months but it always some of the most exciting times of the year.  

     Now, several years later, the Team Summer mentality is a product that people across the nation are connecting with. It is fulfilling for us to see this connection. Just the other day, I reached out to a women from Charleston, South Carolina that had purchased several Team Summer hats for herself and her friends that are opening their own business together. Listening to her story and how their group connects with Team Summer in their own way was very gratifying. This goes for many others that have shared their personal stories with us throughout this journey. 

     To this day, many of us from that Portland team keep in touch, reminiscing about those great times we shared. It is a piece of us that no matter where we go in life, whether playing hockey, creating our own businesses, living in different cities, living out our own stories - we will always have those memories. A large number of teammates from that Portland team are now playing in the National Hockey League representing a large portion of the Journey Risk True Ambassador Team.  

     As we continue to grow and reach more people such as yourself, we look forward in hearing your own stories and how you connect with our brand Journey Risk True and our first product line Team Summer. We also have very exciting news to announce in the next week! 


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