Journey Risk True

Our life is defined by the story we engrave; The Journey. We aim to achieve goals we have set that transcend into dreams we wish to fulfill. We take Risks to amplify our life; gaining constant value and purpose. We stay True to the path that we have created because we trust in our decisions and those that surround us. For they are the ones that believed in us from the beginning. 


With hard work comes great reward. We created The Team Summer Collection to cherish and live out those memories. Take advantage of those good times spent with friends and family - Expand on your relationships and experiences. Then get back to the grind.  


Team Summer is fueled by experiences that become vivid memories. The positive moments that have been earned through hard work. The lasting road trips with our closest friends. The family vacations that we cherish more with age. 

Team Summer hats are designed to support, ignite and foster the Team Summer lifestyle.

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Tomahawk Charitable Solutions 


Tomahawk Charitable Solutions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the immediate and ongoing needs for the Special Operations Forces (SOF), Military and Law Enforcement communities including their families.

Through their events and related fundraising, Tomahawk Charitable Solutions generate funds that TCS allocates to a select number of organizations that they have carefully vetted and can personally vouch for their highly efficient and honorable utilization of charitable funds.

Their focus on the Military and Law Enforcement communities is to provide financial assistance for urgent and ongoing needs. Additionally, they focus on supporting families during and after the fight.

Journey Risk True supports Tomahawk Charitable Solutions with exposure through our social platforms, releasing weekly blogs regarding the Foundations that TCS supports, hosting upcoming events, and future partnership apparel.